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With over 10 years of experience specifically in the Lambo door installation industry, We are confident to say, no one has installed as many Lambo doors than us. 

Our installation experts have installed over 600 kits, each to perfection with 100% customer satisfaction. 

We are the only company that will come to your driveway, parking lot, or garage/shop and installs your Lambo doors the same day, and give you a lifetime warranty.




We do not sell lambo kits. If you are looking to purchase kit, please check out one of our great partner’s site.

We partner with many Vertical Doors Inc authorized retailers to offer an all-inclusive kit+install package. We only install kits that are verified and certified authentic from authorized retailers. This is both for your protection as well as ours. We want to make sure you have a true V.D.I quality kit!

Lambo Installation (LDI) is the only nationwide installation company for Lambo Doors. We only install Vertical Doors Inc kits. This is due to their extreme quality.Your first step is to fill out the request form. You can do this by clicking the big red button above, or by clicking, "Get Installed" via the link in the top menu bar. Once you submit that request, One of our installation techs will contact you to answer any and all questions you may have.
Once you are finished discussing your installation with your installation tech, the same person that will be completing your actual installation, you will complete your order and reserve your installation date. Once this date is selected we book and send you all the travel information, time, as well as invoice for your reservation.If you are ordering your kit from one of our official partners, you will receive your kit before our tech arrives. We only bring kits with us if the installation is in Alaska, Hawaii, or Canada.
If you had a payment plan then the remainder of your balance is due upon arrival of your installation technician. All balances will be paid before installation starts.Once the installation is complete you will sign and receive your official invoice as well as installation certification/warranty card. Both doors will have security/warranty seals to ensure safety as well as the integrity of the installation. If your vehicle is serviced for any reason, please contact us prior to any removal of hinges.Videos and photos will be taken/recorded throughout the installation process. These images/videos will be used for marketing/advertising purposes. You can request any and all photos/videos for free.

Ask An Installation Expert!

If you have questions, you can ask your retailer or, you can contact one of our installation experts, #(800) 728-6982



Buy it with confidence. We give you a lifetime warranty on every installation. We go even further by adding a lifetime warranty on the actual kit we install.

Have questions? Looking to become a Partner? Please contact us and we will more than happy to assist you with your questions or concerns. #(800) 728-6982

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